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Fall Tweed – Edmonton’s second ride

October 3, 2009 Leave a comment

Ladies and Gents!

After a very busy summer of riding, polo and racing it is now time for the fall tweed that I told everyone I would have.  While the first ride was also the first event I have organized, by the end of this busy summer I have learned a few things. So lets hope we can make this one better than the last.

Last time 31 dashing dames and gentlemen showed up for the ride with their tweed, caps, capes, and hip flasks. So for this second ride we will start at the same location but we will be taking a different route around the city and we will be ending at a different location.

The ride will start at 3Pm and the U of A ‘Quad’ on Oct. 24th. Last ride we ended up with some silly prizes and I hope to have a few more this time.

So everyone come out, dress your best, and enjoy a tweedy fall ride around this fine city!

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Bike polo in Edmonton

June 2, 2009 1 comment

Okay so a few people I know here want to start playing bike polo, so I’m posting this up to see if other people will come out and start playing as well. If you want to come out and play on Tuesday’s at 7pm, we’ll be playing at Ritchie Community League at 7727 98th Street. You will need to bring a mallet because we just have a few right now, but we plan to build a few more so people can come try it without have to build a mallet first.

Email if you have any other questions

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